fishing the kerepunu sounds

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    hi folks just lookin for any advise on fishing this area kenepuru sound


    Would give a more comprehensive answer when I have more time.

    Rarangi + Port underwood is a waste of time really. Quite good spearfishing in that area though. Might get a moki with right bait. More info later….

    Keneperu. At this time of year, you might get Snapper and maybe Gunards. There is suppose to be schools of smaller size snapper in the Keneperu heads at the moment.

    When I get time, I would PM you the location of a good little bay to fish.


    The rarangi coastline and into port underwood is generally not the best of fishing. If you target the river mouths you have a chance of catching KY and mullets.

    On the coast itself, there is the chance to catch the typical sharks and other species common to this type of beaches. But I do not rate this area highly.

    Port underwood has been quite heavily fished. If you walk to a remote point you might have a chance of catching Blue cod and Gurnad. Moki and Butterfish are quite common in the outer kelp beds.

    There is a decent point about a 20 minute walk south of Ocean Bay. It is a tricky walk at high tide and a bit of rock climbing should be expected.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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