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    G’day everybody,

    I’m visiting the south island of New Zealand in a couple of weeks (Mid Feb 2008) and will be walking the dusky track in the Fiordland national park.

    From what i’ve read on the following site: (

    1. Trout fishing is possible in the Hauroko Burn, Spey River and Seaforth River below Loch Maree. A fishing licence is required.

    2. Blue cod and groper are often caught by hand line at aptly-named Supper Cove.

    Which sounds excellent to me! Now, I’m an amateur so where do i start … this is what equipment i have and plan to take:

    1. Daiwa Heartland IM-6 which is a lightweight graphite rod

    2. Daiwa Kastor 1000 reel with firewire line somewhere betwen 4-8lb

    I plan to throw some lures for trout in the places mentioned above (time and weather willing):

    1. I have a couple of celta spinners, size unknown (

    2. I have a couple of tasmanian devil lures ( … ngefr.html)

    Any recommendations for what lures are best (in your opinion) and what techniques?

    Is is best to tie the line directly to the lure or is there a better rigging method so the lures can be easily swapped?

    Fishing at supper cove for Blue Cod and Groper, what would your opinion be for the best setup:

    1. Take some bigger (medium sized) lures and try my luck with the current setup?

    2. Take a handline with some sinkers and a jig?

    If you’ve made it this far thankyou! and any advice you can give me will be really helpful and appreciated!


    I have found NZ trout to shy away from fireline, so I would bring some clear line for a leader. The rod and reel should be accurate for most trout. I personally use a Shimano 2500 size reel. With regards to lures, bring along a random assortment. Everyone has their favourite lures and they all seem to work at times. Maybe also bring alone a few nymphs and bubble floats in case the conditions are low and clear.

    Also read this for trout fishing … g-regs.pdf

    Bait fishing is probably the most popular method for catching blue cod. If you hook onto something big your reel would suffer but it should be up to the task on cod. I doubt any big granddaddy groper would be about, maybe schoolies. I would bring along a few larger hooks (7/0) and sinkers to allow good casting distance. You should be able to find fresh bait from the shoreline. Groper and cod are not normally caught on lures. I would also use a leader.

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