Fishing Depths and Winding Speeds for McIntosh’s

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    Just after people’s experiences on what they have found works at McIntosh’s, eg what depth, winding speed etc.

    I’ve seen people catch fish strictly fishing the bottom but I’ve also seen people catch salmon in other depths of the water as well.

    I’m interested in finding out people’s thoughts on whether or not the have a theory or a preference for fishing this stretch of the water?


    dont bother bout depth but slow winding is better for the zeddie. But I do like to let mine sink a bit. But guys next to me have caught stupid salmon when on surface and winding like fuk. the further you can cast the better. use a good egg beater and 15pnd braid. take no notice of the overhead coons, the overhead reels are only useful for when salmon actually like to put up a fight upriver


    Not sure what this guy is on about with “overhead coons” but it’s not the best advice…

    Just try different things; speed, lure weight etc. You want your lure moving at just the right speed to make it wobble and 1) not look like a leaf and 2) make it look enticing to SNAP at.

    Here’s something I learned from my grandad who passed a lot of Salmon knowledge down to me – Salmon are much like loin cubs… If a loin cub sees a piece of string moving slowly it’s boring and is probably not going pounce on it… if it’s moving in such a way that gets it’s attention it will pounce on it and bite it. Well it’s the same principle for the lure you’re using!!!! Make it enticing!

    If there’s a good current then don’t wind so fast. If there’s not current wind faster! You need to feel how your lure is moving in the water. See how the lure moves in the water an keep it moving like this over and over and over! hah!

    Mac rocks has some pretty deep holes. Generally Salmon will take the slowest easiest water… however, in areas like this they can/will congregate and move all around the place before they hoon upriver when they think it’s the right time.
    These lower areas are much different to upriver so you have to fish accordingly. When I’m out in the dinghy I move all over the place. However there seem to be some spots better than others at Mac rocks which change from year to year.


    Thanks for the replies.
    I really liked the example of the “lion cubs”, thanks boon

    Come on all you other wise salmon fishermen, any more thoughts?????

    Does anyone fish toby lures in this area?


    Hi boon, sorry for the weird post, had a few beers. ha!
    Recently had a run in with a weirdo trying to teach a newbie about his new free spool reel, and he pointed to me in earshot and said to the new guy that fixed spools are only for bait fisherman blah blah blah. And my little Stella is twice the price of the Calcutta he had????
    Anyway great post boon,
    I do prefer using my eggbeater in big slow areas as casting is much better, but I do use overheads upriver.
    Craytail, in crowded areas make your lure better than your neighbour, what about a bright lifelike shad or similar? Soft bait with a strong hook etc


    an interesting thing that seems to be happening in the lower reaches of the mak on low flows is that because the area has slumped in the quakes. salt water is a lot further upstream when the flow gets into the 30cum range. seems salmon when in the river don’t to sit in or mostly won’t travel trough saltwater which being heavier than fresh sits on the the latter half of the season those who fished lighter spinners either on the shore or boats got on to a lot more fish. something to watch out for next season, i have already painted up some light spinners -12, 14 and 16gm and plan to do a few more.

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