Fishing around hamner springs

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    Hi guys

    I havent really been spinning or fly fishing since I was a little fella

    Anyhow im heading up to hamner with the family mid november and was wondering if anyone had any info on fishing up there and what I would use (the cheaper the better lol).

    I know it probably aint the best time of year but wanted to have a go anyway.

    I know when I was up there last I caught a few salmon but they had a slight type of mould/silky crap on them.

    Thanks :D


    The upper Clarence downstream of Tennyson is suppose to hold good numbers of fish.

    If you do not want to fly fish or spend much then I suggest using small lures, I like spin blades. Get a selection of different colours (bright and dull). Its been a while since I looked but I suspect its possible to get decent lures for a fair price on trademe. These a lot of rubbish or there to. Shame that store brought spin-blades can now cost $10+ each. If you are prpeared to spend more then a few tiny Rapala (or similar quality minnow lure) are worth having. The Storm branded ones are good and about half the price.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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