Fisheries officers at Southshore

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    Thank you all…the forum at its best!


    Went back again about 17:15 today, heading up to Napenape tomorrow for the morning with a mate. Took me about 30mins to get 62 (counted on the beach before leaving), all of good proportions the smaller ones going back. Myself & one other guy were the only people not of asian heritage, 7 people total. Now the asians were there before I got there & didnt look like they were leaving any time soon when I did. My catch would have 1/2-2/3 filled a grocery bag, they were collecting into buckets that were then emptied into large chiller type bags up the beach that looked like they were bulging at the seams. Im not saying they took more than the daily limit each(cough) but what do they do with so many ? sell them ? eat them ?
    The lastest update Ive seen for toxins in shellfish for the area from Leithfield Beach-Pigeon Bay was dated 21st Dec 2009, is it still in place? If it wasnt I’d be eating them myself!
    Look Fishy, no swearing lol!

    Fishy Bishy

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Ahhhh Good Man! Thats obviously what the G-Man is all about. Onya mate!

    Now, 0800 POACHER is the hotline to the Fisheries Mafia Hit Squad. :wink:
    I reckon a few hefty fines and they wouldn’t come back and as said earlier, find a plane and send them stinking immigrant mongrels packing! :twisted:


    Brother picked a heap of mussels from scarborough while out on his kayak, some big meaty suckers too, i ate some and the rest for bait, i’m still here and didn’t get the runs either lol so all good from that area.


    yeh i get mine from down there, i have a hell of a lot of fun getting then, i were a wet suit and dig with my toes when i find them i dive down and grab them.. when i mean dive down put my head under water as the waves hit me, love it like a pig in muck and a swim as well


    saw the fisheres guys at waimari today

    Jones Jr.

    I used to live at Southshore and went down to the beach occasionally to get some bait.

    Alot of the time I always saw people of asian decent taking sacks full of tuatuas, I was around 10 back then, if I had’ve known better I would’ve called some sort’ve fisheries officer.


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