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    What are your goto flies, where and how do you fish them.

    I tie a version of the pheasant tail nymph that has stubby little legs/wings, I do this by splitting the fibres used for the wing case and tying them back.

    I use these all over the place in both rivers and lakes and I use them all season, they are very good and even when trout are rising they often seem to be happy to take the nymph.

    I usually tie them in 14’s and 16’s with the 16’s being the better bet in clear water.

    I use both straight and grubber hooks, there seems to be little difference both work equally as well.

    Another favourite I tie is the beetle, I use peacock herl for the body and add either brown or green wing cases.

    These are really hot in the hydro canals in the summer.

    My preferred method of fishing is stalking trout, I walk around until I see a fish then lob a fly in front of it, no thrashing empty water for me :) although I scare the crap out of a fair number of fish.

    So guys spill whats yours?


    WOOLLY BUGGER! Seriously I use it everywhere where bullies or small fish are on the menu, lighte grey/white in esturies, smaller green/brown in lakes.
    Pretty fun sight-fishing with them, watching a trout hammer it when you cast it a couple of feet away then twitch it. Almost the only streamer I use, apart from the odd rabbit fly, or smelt.

    Nymphs, haven’t found too much difference between them, weather it be a hares ear, p-tail, or the like, so carry quite a few imitations, and a damsel nymph for still water.

    Dries- Big royal wulfs (size 8) work well on fish jumping for damsels, blowflies for prospecting with an indicator fly and gets taken a fair bit too,
    then elk hair caddis, emergers, dad’s favourites and cicadas.

    Thats about all the flies I use…


    Yeah I agree on the wolly buggers, olive and brown work well when it’s light, black after dark. (the fish a couple of days ago fell for a tattered old brown wolly bugger)
    It is awesome watching how hard and fast trout smash the lure, I have caught quite a few fish by casting about a metre above a rise then quickly stripping it past… This works great in the Shag River so I guess it would be good elsewhere.


    Hamill’s killer of various varieties. I only trout fish lake brunner and thats what seems to work!


    my favourite flys
    dry mohogoni dun parachute

    nymph blacknsparklypheasanttail

    lure wolly buger double hook (moving tail bottom hook cut of ) :grin:

    terrestrial . my style of carty gt

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