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    well i have been to dorie beach 3 times now and caught good fish each trip. the only problem is like most beaches is they dogfish infested. but


    Just wondering, where is dorie beach? Judging by the fish cauht I am picking it is Sth Is somewhere. Tried SMAPs but wouldnt come up with anything.


    dorie i think is south side of the rakaia river or in that general region

    Hi Dorie Beach Fisherman. Where abouts are you based? I think Dorie beach is only a 20 minute drive from where I am. Have you fished Wakanui beach before? Just wondering if they are much the same or not. Sometimes Wakanui can be quite rough and you really need some distance there. Also do you see anyone catching Herring from the beach? Last year I had one good day when the water was really clear and flat, and I just casted out a sabiki type rig as far as I could and reeled it in and managed to get a few mullet. Just wondering because I used the last of my bait at Wakanui last night to all the dogfish.

    The only thing that annoys me about beaches like Wakanui is the amount of Dogfish there are. But I do know there is some good size school sharks around the area, and i’ve heard of Sevengillers. If the sea is calm enough over the next few weeks I might have a try there and see whats around. Tomorow I plan on going down to Timaru to stock up on more herring off the wharf and probably a few red cod to.


    zac i havent fished wakanui beach before but sounds very much the same. yes you can fish for herring when its calm.


    Sounds good. I might go for a fish tomorow afternoon/night. Untill today I had never ever used Doggies for bait, but I ran out of everything today in Timaru, and had to use it, and I ended up getting two nice Carpet sharks that I put back for another day like most fish I catch. So currently I have no fresh bait, so if I do go to Dorie tomorow, I will have to use brought bait and Dogfish, so ile see how that goes. Whats the sea like at the moment? If its calm enough I might try for some mullet.


    zac the fishing conditions are going to trun bad this afternoon and night so fishing is off the cards at dorie for 2 days atleast a big blow is going to hit it .


    I might go for a fish on Sunday then. If the weather is ok I will probably go up before lunch around 10 maybe and stay all day till dark if the fishing is good. I’m wanting to get a seven giller this season, and i’ve heard that several big ones have been caught at Dorie, so I will probably target them. If Dorie dosn’t seem to be much different than Wakanui I probably wont go again because Wakanui is just 10 minutes down the road from me.


    I fished Dorie today from about 2 PM to 7 when it turned really rough. I got 4 medium sized school sharks all around a meter or more, along with a few smaller ones. First two I hooked on my old 12kg Jarvis walker rod and they both took a bit off line and bent the rod right over. Last two put up a fairly good fight on the 15kg Beastmaster. Dorie definetly seems to be a good place to fish. I didn’t get many dogfish at all. There was a big seal that had washed up on the beach, it was still alive but I think it had a broken tale.

    Sorry these pictures are a bit big

    Is anyone going to fish the competition in a few weeks?

    Jones Jr.

    Good stuff Zac.

    Were you using that rig you drew up just the other day with the hook below the sinker etc? And what bait?

    Went fishing today south of Birdlings again, only got a school shark around 1.75 feet in length. Just a standard ledger rig with prawn for bait. Had a mate who put out a kite with the dying Northerly before the southerly hit. Got 5 fish, 2 biggish doggies and 2 smallish doggies which were put back, got a school shark around 2.3 feet in length which was ok. Just on squid.



    good stuff zac i love the spot and you always get a good fish


    I actually used dogfish to catch two of the schoolies. Untill now I had never even thought of using dogfish for bait, but now i’ve seen that it actually works quite well. The other two schoolies I caught on yellow eyed mullet.

    I saw something about the competition there here

    Sunday 10 February 2008[b:un3ezfdn] | South Christchurch Shield Surfcasting Event

    (Host: Woolston) –


    zac thats great theres a comp there i will be going down there when its on.

    I would say there will be a lot of expert surfcasters there that are in some of the local clubs, so there might be some competition. I’m not sure when the sea will clear up and get a bit calmer, but it looks like there is another southerly on Thursday, but it should be alright this weekend.

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