Details for taranaki surcasting contest in nov 7-11

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    Big Red

    34cash prizes worth $12.800 and 2 early bird prizes and 8 spot prizes ,this contest all cash goes back to the fisher people and taranaki throws the big snapper as another shore record broken with 15 kilo landed in august so if you want more info i can post it but tickets are cut at 400.Five speicies have been catered for snapper,kawhai,s shark,gurnard ,trev and tickets are $40.00.


    I live in christchurch and have just bought myself a new 14′ surfcaster and abu garcia 6000 reel and i’m ready to go fishing. I havnt seen any updated topics about sopts in the canterbury area so i’m just putting the feelers out there and gonna see mif i get mnay bites on places to go at the moment or within the next 6 mnths or so.


    The next 2 months are full on school shark season ….
    Fresh mullet for bait is best ….steel trace is a good idea ..
    Ive found from around 6pm into the dark to be best ….
    Spots in no particular order of preference , Pendarves or Baileys beach ..or Kaikoura sawdust pits on Old Coast Rd …
    Tip – set your drag light …

    I hope this helps


    agree there G been getting into them past few days, not monsters with biggest being less than 20lb but theres no shortage of them around at the moment,
    Ive been using steel trace and whole ullet or kahawai chunks for them, all bar one today were on frozen kahawai, they nearly turned their nose at fresh kahawai, otherwise frozen mullet has been doing it for me, also a good number of gillers around

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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