Chris Anker with some Good Fish Released

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    Allan Burgess

    Here are a few pics good pics of Chris Anker catching and releasing fish at the Twizel canals during early May last year. Chris is a very skilful angler who catches a lot of big fish. He carefully releases all of them to grow even bigger. Perhaps one day to be caught and released again!
    The key to trout surviving the ordeal of being caught and released is to keep it the fish in the net, preferably with its head underwater, then quickly lift it for only a few seconds to take a couple of photographs.
    A landing net with a scale in the handle makes it easy to weigh your fish quickly.
    The first fish is a brownie. Most of the trout in the canals are rainbows, or at least the rainbows are easier to catch.
    The second pic is a fish on. You need to be patient especially with light line. Note the big “canals size” net.
    The third picture is a good sized rainbow hen trout.

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