canterbury kingfish

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    An interesting article for those of us seeking a canterbury kingfish this summer………the good oil !! :wink: … ngfish.htm


    Doin a mission after xmas out taylors on our yaks they don’t feed rumour is they are here to spawn so jigging and ppoers retrieved fast best results.


    A fella who did some electrical work for us showed us a vid on his phone from last year catching a kingi from boat out in pegasus bay. He reckoned they go looking for floating debris / weed. He made it sound like they get more than the odd one too.


    I am led to believe some fisho’s do well on the kingi’s in pegasus bay, as you say gunnercoops…. working the floating debris/kelp,

    and reading somewhere recently of a bloke who lays out a tarpaulin with buoys tied to the corners….. apparently the kingi’s are attracted under this,

    Whakamoa reef (Banks Peninsula) is also known for kingi’s over summer….. although I think the preferred method is livebaiting under a balloon,

    ….hoping to spend some days on the water in and around Taylors over summer myself yakkaman>>>>> to fire rapala’s at “kingi’s”… close to home.


    Got out last year, but only once. Should be out alot more this summer, only hooked up on plenty of barras.


    hoping to do a few missions out on the boat with my brother to target some of the bad boy kingis, and if it was my boat i’d put out out an invite.

    Fishy Bishy

    I’ll have mine back down there after the New Year, just haven’t sorted out the date yet……depends when our place sells up here. :roll:
    Might miss the kingies for this summer as they are usually gone by about March…agreed??


    I’ll be out there aswell on my Dads boat.

    He’ll be using poppers and jigs but I’ve got a heap of new saltwater fly gear to try out this season. :P


    Canty Kings.

    As everyone else has said look for floating debris or sometimes ships parked outside the harbour for awhile will act as a FAD

    Good old jigs work well but best lure for this is the Rapala SXR14 I have cast dozens of times AT kingis with jigs and changed to a SXR14 and WHAM srtaight into em! Kings love them. Bit more expensive but if your out there doing it might as well have the best gear and the best chance….

    Tight lines……

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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