Camping at Lake Coleridge – Access to Lake Ida & Catherine

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    In the picture baches at the head of Lake Coleridge which must be gone by the end of November 2011. The old green one belongs to the Ferrymead Fishing Club.

    Here is a link with pictures and a description of the new TrustPowerFreedom Camping Ground at the head of Lake Coleridge. It is located next to the Harper River Diversion as shown on the map. As many will be aware almost all of the baches at Lake Coleridge are now gone with the last remaining few to go by the end of this month. This marks the end of an era for anglers fishing Lake Coleridge. I would be most interested to know your thoughts on the subject and hope you will post them here. In particular what do you think of this new camping area.

    The gate into Lake Ida and Lake Catherine is now locked. Glenthorne Station does not issue keys for this gate so you must walk the 3km to Lake Ida and 5km to Lake Catherine. Is the fishing in these small lakes worth the effort? What are your thoughts on having to walk. Does it bother you? :)

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