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    Hi Mili, hey come over to our f/b group Southern Angling NZ



    Alan has spent years promoting fishing in the South Island and has made available a great website with a lot of freely available articles and content all supported with minimal advertising (and high quality fishing ebook sales), I prefer to support Alan and his site with additional content rather then give any more traffic to the oversize online directory which is Facebook, which has done nothing for fishing in New Zealand and which main goal in existing is to create user profiles for targeted advertisements.

    I may join up to the group, but my content is staying here.



    Briefly checked the page myself , isnt structured terribly well to service a fishing info type site … very handy for when this site crashes , which seems about half the time lately lol

    Will probably join and use it as backup only



    no prob’s, just a thought though so will see you here from time to time



    isnt for fishing info really just a place to go have a yarn post what you have caught make comments etc

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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