Braid for Salmon

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    Whats the recommended brand of braid and line weight for up river salmon?Are there any that perform better than others as far as durability or colour.Do you tie directly to the line or use a mono leader? I have always used mono but want to give braid a try with a we Diawa lexa 300 level wind.Cheers.


    I use braid for trout and salmon its awesome the fights are way more exciting compared to mono, I have only used it on spinning reels so cant comment on level wind reels but most guys I know are using 20lb with a mono leader around 6ft of the same weight.


    Hey there, I have been using power-pro 30lb braid on my lexa 300 as my up river-gut gear for 2 seasons now and can confirm it is excellent to use. I have tried the fancy expensive braids as both river and surf gear, on both lexa 300 and 400 and will say that, in my humble opinion, that the braid is excellent on the river gear, but can be a real handful on my surf gear. I use a mono leader, with a very simple joining knot that I got from maybe tonight charters website. Very quick, very easy and strong when tied right. Overall, power-pro 30 in the river and suffix elite 10kg in the surf. Mega distance without the hassles. Cheers

    Allan Burgess

    One thing I have discovered about braid is that not all brands are created equal. Some of the cheaper ones are quite good, while at least one of the expensive brands is no better than the cheapest!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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