Best way to cook trout [other than smoking]

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    What is your favourite way of cooking trout?

    Do you just put on a pit of flour salt and pepper then flop the fillets in the pan?

    Do you stuff and bake?

    What are your special ingrediants?

    I’ve ha smoked trout mmmm…. very nice.

    Baked trout….. not to bad but the stuffing went mushy.

    Pan fried was quite nice.


    I can get into smoked trout……the old man does nothing but. Its nice , i guess……but y’see I LIKE TROUT, and I dont need it to taste of manuka !

    Last time we raided lake Daniels a couple of pommie tourists passed by and asked us wot we were cooking in the foil we had in the fire. We said trout. They said get outta here. We said have a taste ! They said …….not much for 30 minutes, but then they came back and said they had NEVER tasted anything so good and what was the secret.
    We said……sheeeeeet……no secret……doesnt EVERYONE cook trout like this ??? :lol:

    There are no ” secret ” ingrediants ! Clean the fish up , remove head n tail. inside goes a chopped up onion, a few raisins if ya like, even experiment ! ( the snorks will recommend smarties…..hey, why not ??? ) Wrap in DOUBLE layer of tin foil. About 30 – 35 mins in the glowing coals in the bed if a small fire does the job. You can test it by unwrapping it. If the skin sticks to the foil its done. If the skin does not stick to the foil, it needs another 5 mins.

    If the trout u caught live in a mud hole in a creek that feeds the Buller, it will taste like ….” it lived in a mud hole that feeds….” ( u get pic i hope ). Solution ? PUT IT BACK ! Fish that live in clean water will taste cleaner. I keep a wee digi cam so I can take a snap so that none of the smart sods back at camp can say I am pulling thier chain.

    If ya wanna use chilli peppers , or whatever then thats ur choice. But u sure wont taste what ya caught ! The beaut bit is that the skin peels off, and the spine and ribs just lift out in one piece. U can eat all u have left. A nice red ( who is carrying the cask ??? ) goes down extra well. 8)

    Dunno how this recipe works with blue or red cod…….guess I’ll find out soon :) cheers. Toz


    BLAST…..i forgot, u also need a ” knob of butter ” inside the trout with the onions n raisins ( n smarties ). Dont forget to DOUBLE wrap, cos a single layer punctures too easy. I guess the trout kinda ” poaches ” in its own juices ( along with onions raisins n smarties ). I dont add salt, but a sprinkle of pepper may be to your taste. The main thing is that you can STILL TASTE TROUT.

    I guess the big thing is to remember to take the tinfoil and onions and raisins ( and smarties and a cask of red ) wherever you are camping. Easy enough if u r in a car……tad harder if its a 2 hour tramp in to Daniels, but well worth it 8) . Toz


    What can i say? I caught a lovely rainbow brilliant condition out of a stunningly clear section of the Clutha river, i gutted gilled and beheaded him, then baked him wih spring onions and and some dry bread crumbs [ and other stuff but can’t rememer] Popped him in the over wrapped in tin foil. Took the trout out when cooked nicely. Took a bite and thought “This is the greatest tasting food in the world i could live off the smell alone!” no I’m joking i actualy thought….
    “Well… I wont have this too often”…

    Then i caught a nice 5lb salmon escaped from the salmon farm In Twizel.
    Smoked him up and…….awwwww I could eat that forever, I wouldnt care if i turned into homer simpson if i ate too much, I could eat a 20lb salmon tail and all! :grin:

    [Then i caught a 3lb rainbow trout, tasted much the same]

    Pan fried trout was rather good i have to admit but i still prefer smoked.

    [ although you do have to smoke fish right otherwhys you drown out the trouts nice flavour and it tastes like the insde of my fireplace]

    I will deffinitly give your way of cooking trout a go though. :)


    I always cok trout in tin foil with lemon juice,tasty as!! Both hot off the bbq and cold in sandwich at work the next day!!




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    Here is my new favourite way to cook trout. Fillet , skin off and debone. Slice into bite size slices/chunks about the size of a processed fish finger cut in half.
    Place in a bowl with a good sprinkle of sea salt maybe 1/4 teaspoon or more depending on how much you are doing.
    Add 1 1/2 Teaspoons of Tuscan (Greggs) seasoning.
    Mix well put in fridge for 20-30 min to let the flavour develope.
    In a plastic bag put some corn flour, drop in the trout bits and cover just before you put them in the pan. Shallow fry in 1 cm hot oil until golden turning once.
    You end up with a light crispy coating.
    My kids call it popcorn trout cause the tuscan flavour is a bit like kfc (thyme orgenano etc).
    Serve as you like chips etc, we had it on top of a salad with some dressing for a change (no carbs) wnet down a treat.
    Do the same to sea fish but use lemon pepper instead of tuscan.

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