Below the surface: Dunedin's 'rogue shark' theory

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    Allan Burgess

    Below the surface: Dunedin’s ‘rogue shark’ theory
    Great white sharks found in New Zealand waters can live for up to 70 years.

    Great white sharks are found in New Zealand waters. They can live for 70 years and grow up to seven metres long.

    New Zealand is in the top five in the world for shark attacks. How many were due to a single, deadly ‘rogue’ shark patrolling Dunedin’s coastline?

    It’s a theory sounding more like the plot of the world’s most famous shark movie.

    A great white shark patrols the waters off a beachside community, where it soon develops a taste for human flesh.

    Surely a work of fiction. Right? Well, maybe not.

    Story by Hamish McNeilly, 4 January 2019. Read it now on

    More on great white sharks on

    Allan Burgess

    Hook, line, and sinker: Our fishing hobby that’s bigger than rugby

    On Port Taranaki’s lee breakwater fibre technician Jake Macapagal’s​ two sons, Kiel​ and Migiel​, are excitedly dangling lines into the water to catch mackerel.

    On a grey, windy Saturday morning the New Plymouth fishing spot can be a bleak place to hang out.

    “They woke me up early this morning and said ‘Daddy, we want to go fishing’,” Macapagal says.

    “We all like coming down here because there’s no stress.”

    It should be no surprise that fishing is a popular pastime in an island nation such as New Zealand with 15,000km of coastline.

    Read the full story by Mike Watson, 8 January 20120, at

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