artictulated trout lure

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    Does any one know where i can get hold of Articulated Trout Lures ? not sure if they are still made, used to use them years ago. Thanks Odinboy



    Fairly certain they are still made, at least I see them from time to time in fishing shops. Been years since I purchased or used one.



    I saw them in the complete angler maybe 18 mths ago. I think they represent a cockabully (the the wing above the head makes them swim along the bottom kicking up sediment ala bully like) You can also get a one made by the same guys that is a small eel, havnt caught anything on that yet. The first big trout I caught 19 years ago was a 7lber on a articulated trout loved them ever since.


    Fishy Bishy

    Teal are the originals. The plastic fin on top made them wobble, until it got smashed off on stones, very brittle.
    No idea if Teal still make them or if they are even available.
    Never liked them, never did any good on them, although heaps of other did.



    Was at Omarama over the long weekend, the tackle shop motel there has heaps of great gear you cant find in town anymore, thunderbugs no2, minnows and the articulated trout lure, look him up! he might send them….



    Thanks people, really appreciate your input.

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