Anything happening this weekend?

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    Anyone going anywhere saturday/sunday? Weather looks like possible rain and light winds but shouldn’t be to bad.


    hi zac i may go to blackrock i see what the weather doing may go 4 a all niter


    Im working tomorrow , maybe Sunday morning as well , and then hope to head to Pegasus to watch that 13yr old Lydia Ko whos sitting in 4th place in the NZ Womens Open …..shes gunna be the Tiger Woods of womens golf ….without all the loose women tho Id expect lo

    Sparrow fart Sunday or Sunday night might be worth a trip to Baileys tho , and still quite possible for me …

    Good to see this part of the forum being used finally , a shame its hidden right down the bottom tho huh


    I’m going to the Catlins to have a crack at some blue cod off the rocks – anyone have any tips for deep accessible ledges on that coast?


    Braid , I use 80lb tiger braid …..I put a sinker on 60lb mono 4 feet below a loop at the bottom of the braid and hang my single hook on 60lb mono off this same loop …
    The higher above the water you can get the better …and fish as close as you can get away with …….take heaps of sinkers , or anything that will do the job that you dont mind losing …..
    The braid is magic , you can snap the hook or sinker off without having 20feet of stretch in your line , and its suprising how often you can rip it free with that heavy gear

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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