Amberly results as follows – Kaikoura ??

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    Stingray first , I’m assuming a school shark just under a meter was 2nd ….skate took the next 6 prizes .

    A woman won …..a couple of guys caught a brace of skate for double dip prizes

    Only the one fish taken in the juniors – some young guy named Isacc caught a mullet at his first comp ..he’s now hooked for life lol .

    I got bitten off early on , and missed two big hits an hour later …just missed a prize with a smaller school shark …

    Got drawn out first in the lucky prize draw tho lol ….pamper pack at Hanmer …

    What was caught at Kaikoura ?? and how many carrots were taken ??


    From what I heard sting rays were top 3 was a 15lb snapper landed though not entered in comp loads of doggys around, think carrot numbers are low cause of the fuckwit trawler that now targets that area mainly catching carrots,


    Kaikoura competition was fairly quiet 170 odd rods with 60 fish weighed in.
    1st – stingray 21.5kg
    2nd – stingray 21.4kg (gutted!)
    3rd – seven gill shark 13kg

    There was 5 stingrays caught along with skate, dogfish, gurnard, kahawai and red cod

    The guy that came first also came 3rd and 5th, he did well!

    Strong southerly at times blowing 70kmh was a pain!

    There wasn’t many gurnard caught maybe about 7-8 but some big buggers


    Was a southerly mid morning for about an hour , before swinging back to westerly , then nor west again …..could see what looked like a rain front for quite some time up heading offshore up that way , and another seemed to be roaring over Banks Peninsula …

    Was too hot ..and I got eaten by little sandflies .argh ….

    Snapper huh …thats pretty cool ………. I dont like the sound of this bloody trawler …. the pricks need to back off and give us beach fisho’s a fair suck of the sav


    Fish of the day is gurnard at most restaurants! Caught fresh from the bay

    Was stinking hot in kaikoura too the rain missed the north side so was left with beating down sun!


    Yea ffp apparently the guy that used to own the fish shop runs in and comes in nearly on the beach just behind the waves well inside casing distance

    shark slayer

    i made a post a few weeks back about said trawler working the clean water line in close..yes he is a fuckwit but people who fish in competitions that bring over a hundred people to rape one spot and kill everything even shit thats just gonna get wasted to feed therw ego and make up for small dick sindrome are also fuckwits!..why would you participate in a slaughterfest like that and then cry about trawling…rec fishing can be just as destructive when people are greedy and stupid why dont the idiots that organise these events use there peanut sized brains and make it more focused on catch and release…they could make it coolest fish wins or longest or most variety and you can photo and release onstead of slaughtering everything…give kaikoura 10 years and it will be fucked..same old story the word gets out and the hords of fuckheads move in and hammer it dry….broadcasting on facebook exactly where you are catching stuff is plain retarded aswell that southern angling site is going to fuck alot of good spots..before you go crying sniff your own ass first


    people need to keep quieter than release big fish take the smaller ones eh!
    Fishing comps with 170 rods lol
    Used to be the waitaki forsalmon when i was a kid there isnt one anymore
    U can tell people where u fish but not marked with a big X
    I love the smell ofmy ass lol


    So your calling the members of southern angling retards…?

    Are you so greedy and selfish that you want to catch all the fish for yourself…?

    Love how you bag it on here and don’t say it on Facebook…

    I think it’s great that people share their experience and catches it helps get more people involved in the sport.


    I don’t fish comps anymore


    So that makes me and fishforpot fuckwits for fishing in the competitions…..
    Both competitions are fundraisers for the community and all staff are volunteers. The kaikoura competition is only once a year and 60 fish ain’t a hell of a lot of fish. None of the fish at kaikoura was going to go to waste as spectators are welcome to take the unwanted catch and they did! I know that all rays and and the 7 gill shark were taken and the leftovers go as cray bait. I think that the organisers of the competitions just need to be smart about how they educate the anglers and update then as what the leading/top fish are so that non winning fish can be returned (and they did). I returned heaps of doggies yesterday as they were unwanted and not top fish. 170 rods over 4km is nothing to the amount of divers and boaties that have been in the kaikoura area the past month. I don’t mind helping people catch fish and don’t mind pointing them in the right direction, there is a big coastline with plenty of fish.


    Just remind us again how many elephants you killed last season SS ?

    A few manky skate aint going to be missed ….fishing middle of the day aint going to hurt any beach ….not like 1 trawler can do in an evening ..


    Haha i love a good stir…
    Stir them up s.s
    look at the replies…
    Everyones defending and going on the aggressive
    Great to sea!
    Whos keen for a big go at s.s for his unwanted and super lame comment lol.
    Hey s.s you still taking illegal paua for ele bait :P
    as for me im the greediest fisherman of all time not even couttas and doggies go back i have a large whanau/iwiw/tangata whenua
    And since i have so many polluted fisheries down here to fish we cant eat the trout and flounder because the river water has such high faecal cauliform readings the dogfish and small schoolies take a beating … Bring me a large sack of paua ss ! Especially the wee ones :)
    Windem up


    We might get to see SS on Coast Watch ….lmao

    kaituna ian


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