Alvey will NOT be closing it’s doors


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    Allan Burgess

    An Australian favourite in fishing since 1920, Alvey Reels, has been acquired by Gowing Bros Ltd securing local ownership.

    Gowings has been in the business of Enriching People’s Lives since 1868 and is still operated by the family of the founder.

    “Gowings is extremely proud and honoured to be able to keep Alvey Reels in Australia,” says Gowings Managing Director, John Gowing.

    Founded in Queensland during the 1920s when Charles Alvey saw the need for a fishing reel that was easy to use, easy to cast, simple to maintain, and solidly constructed. The original factory was a small shed without electricity where Charles Alvey painstakingly produced about twenty reels per week. His work was so meticulous that anglers called the Alvey “The reel you cannot wear out.” By the 1930s, 25,000 reels were being produced annually.

    The Queensland National Trust listed Alvey Reels as an icon of the state in 2004. Alvey reels are quintessentially an Australian brand having a reputation for being durable with a long and proud history of high-quality Australian craftsmanship. They are the choice of competitive anglers for many reasons.

    John Gowing explains how the purchase of Alvey Reels fits within Gowings:

    “We saw an opportunity to keep an icon in Australian hands.”

    Gowings also owns FCS, an iconic surfing brand, and we think Alvey would complement our interests in ocean sports.

    Philosophically we want to encourage sustainable enjoyment of our seas and oceans. Demonstrating this commitment is our 1% for the Oceans pledge, with proceeds going to the Gowings Whale Trust which aims to fund positive change in our oceans”.

    We are incredibly excited about this new chapter in the Alvey story and look forward to working with the Alvey Community to continue bringing a Better Way to Fish to Australia and the world.

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