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    I have been left a whole lot of fly fishing gear and I do not need it. I`m not a fly fisher so would like to move it on.

    Reel 1: is a Orvis C.F.O N Disc Saltwater with line, excellent condition.

    Reel 2: Henschel Black & Silver No1 0717 with full line, attached sticker I think by the owner says Rio Grand WF6f

    Reel 3: Condex WF-5-Fi with line

    Reel 4: Steelfin 0467 Vario 6 with full line.

    Plus one more which I cannot read maker, a little older but lovely condition.

    All but the ORVIS come in nice quality reel bag/protectors.

    Anyone interested or advice on values please let me know. There are also 5 rods but have not picked them up as yet plus all kinds of leaders and extras; I am based in CHCH.



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