2014 Spring & summer surf catches

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    shark slayer

    good stuff crabbedoff..its been a bit slow last week or so..damn work keeps preventing my efforts to have a good season..got a nice 8lb ele the other day and thats been it..apart from mullet on the fly!!amazing fun..if you want less fished water head north croozer..the further south you go the more inbred/backwards thinking/raped and fucked things get..tnats rigslasher country after all…he has alot: of twins :lol:


    Spent the morning fishing Beach Rd, only a smallish school shark to show for it, bait was getting hammered by crabs even with heaps of bait elastic on.


    Well I decided to head back out the sounds to try for some more Kenepuru Gold so packed and headed out at dark with plan of pulling an all nighter to get two tides with one at the change of light.
    Was very slow going in the dark and I lost nearly half a spool of braid to what could of only been a large stingray.It had to much in it to be an eagle ray or a sevengill and after a half hour battle with it he snagged some foul in the middle of the bay and that was that.
    We managed 4 snapper with 3 being pannies and a big ol 16.5lb battle axe that took half a garfish right on day break. It was like a magic hour the wind died to nothing and the water turned to glass and whammo snappers on the deck. After that hour the wind started howling again , the water chopped up and the bite went dead.
    Now Ive got to replenish the tackle box and repair a guide or 2 :evil:
    Hopefully the weather plays ball this weekend as I plan on topping my PB of 22lb sometime this season 8)

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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