10c Lure for the canals

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    Fishy Bishy

    Yes, here it is, the peasant’s answer to fooling the farm fed escapees up the canals.

    We all have some old 1 and 2c pieces in the shed, and they just happen to be a similar colour to the fish food thrown at the Salmon Farms.

    I figured, it these were lobbed out on a fly rod in a roll cast, they would hit the water lightly and flutter down slowly and probably be eaten on the way!

    I’ll report back to you all when I try them out, soon.

    Don’t be too hasty in the smartarse comment, our grand-pappies fished with pennies “back in the day” and that was before Salmon Farms! :grin:


    have often thought they would work. about the size of fly spoons that have always been successful, have a jar of 1and 2 cents might try some as well. I also have 100 or so fly spoon blades that are silver plated that would probably work.


    Any luck with these?


    I’ve just came back from fishing the Ohau canels over the long weekend for the 1st time expecting to hook a monster, but the best I could do was catch half a dozen wee salmon. I’ve notice about 95% of the guys that fish there use soft baits must be the in thing there,ok I went and used them too and caught a couple guy next to me caught a 9lb rainbow on 1(which was the only highlight of my w.e,)but I changed to a traffic light Tazzy devil and was the only 1 at the time that caught 2 salmon in a row on it,which tends to think that fish don’t only take soft baits there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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