The Poranui Prawnerator


Had a wee inspirational moment this afternoon. So made this little beast. Made especially For Birdlings Flat, hence the name. This is a sliding flasher rig. Does not incorporate a hook. The idea is you slide it out of the way, bait your hook and then bait cotton if ya want. Pretty bloody hard to bait cotton a normal flasher rig. So I came up with this idea. It simply slides back down and is held in place by a sliding stopper know. Now will it work, will it entice those Birdlings Elles and Rig to take a wee bite.
I just quickly put a bit of squid on, which is kinda meant to be the body of the Prawn. Yep can use real prawns, I agree, but fishing is all about fun and coming up with idea’s.

Cheers Trev aka Hardy