Re: worst fish to eat

Fishy Bishy

Nothing wrong with Kahawai when handled right but the worst fish I have experienced (for me anyway) is Butterfish!
[b:27yo72oc]Hate the stuff. [/b:27yo72oc]
Have tried it so many ways, and even bought it at the Fisherman’s Table Restaurant up here near Paekakariki and you would think that would be a no fail mission….WRONG!
Even my wife found it less than appetising.
Tasteless, sloppy, flaky, slushy you name it and that covers all ways I have tried.
After Butterfish, Warehou in fish and chips in the lower nth island is crap!
They just don’t know the good stuff when they chuck it back up here.
Shark number one, the best, Warehou…cat food!

For the record, I would target Red Cod for a feed before eating another Butterfish fillet ANY DAY!!