I think you will find the records quoted are for a specific line classes , I gather you need to register and log on to view the details ….

15 lb is nothing , caught bigger at the Kaikoura comp …….caught a 29lber many years ago , and they go a LOT bigger than that

I pondered chasing records on light line a while back , tried using 2lb pretest for kahawai at the waimak mouth ….needed to use KY-jelly to tie the knots …and I found the line was breaking before I even felt a fish on the end ….just the drag thru the surf/river against the fish would break the line …it was impossible

Ive fished on calm days off the southern beaches with 2.3lb trying to break the 10/1 ratio ….Got no idea what the true breaking strain would be tho , so cant claim sfa …..
Taken many elephants and some nice rig , maybe 6 or 7 /1 …
Just hanging out for a night when its calm and the big greyboys are in close ….it happened 3 yrs ago at pendarves with the greyboys going ballistic , tailwalking no less …..I had a take on the light , but the damn knot failed when I tried to set the hook ….thats the closest Ive come ….but it will happen

Oh , Ru ……I found that telescopic trout rod I mentioned …it was in my wardrobe …got a damaged guide to fix tho …..look out next season …….