Re: winter mullet


Short answer yes,

Longer answer Yes they are still around over winter, Although not in as big of numbers but they are still there, Places like the waimak mouth, kaiapoi river ( the fiery mullet hole) (shhhh vic dont let it out) will produce mullet all year, im sure they would be some at the pier as well but alot of small doggys is possible also, Lyttleton im not totally sure on but some of the small warves you can get too would have them and spotties, bit of berley would be handy, think i actually have some mullet inmy freezer from a trip a few months back, but they will be gone this weekend, I have found in past years that the mullet around in winter all seem to be bigger, Best of luck anyway, personally i would try the mak mouth or the kaiapoi, not just cause they are closest to me either,