Re: Winter Fishing


Looking at making a trip over to Haast sometime soon, hopefully there will be a spot of good weather, although around now is usually the time it snows down this way.

Edit: From looking on the map it seems a lot longer trip to Haast than it would be to Hokitika/Greymouth way. Anyone fished these areas on the west coast over winter before? Just need to make a decision on where to go.

Google Maps says:

Ashburton – Haast 475 km – about 6 hours 1 min
Ashburton – Hokitika 275 km – about 3 hours 28 mins

I’m not sure how accurate the estimated times from Google maps are, as it says Ashburton to Nape Nape is 3 hours 30 mins, but it only took me 2 hours(with lite traffic), also it says 6 hours 39 mins to Invercargill, which only took 5 hours.