Re: Winter Fishing


I do when i get the chance which has been a long time coming with first vintage then moving into a new home and then pruning (ie work) getting in the way. But yea i just enjoy being out on the beach catching anything that wants to jump on the line and if it is a fat red cod well then that ends up as fillets being fried in a pan, nice :razz:

I guess it comes down to why people fish in the first place, it could be because they want to restle with big fish – hence only fish the warm summer months for big sharks, or spending quality time with family (those who have family), or and also getting away from general work and home happenings to wet a line and still have fun doing so.
For me i tick all these, ok winter is colder which makes it less pleasant but then there is warm clothing for that.
So i happily fish anytime of the year winter or summer, as the quieter times spent fishing can make the times when it hots up or the big one is on the end of the line so much more satisfying.Enough said.