Re: Who are you guys??


i think this is a great idea…. Am i the only Girl LOL :wink:

1) Whats your real name:- Lisa

2) How old are you:- 23

3) Which city are you from:- Hastings

4) Are you a resident in NZ:- Born in danevirk and raised in hastings

5) What do you do for a crust:- Im an orchard hand. mainly in tha packhouse but do some of the outside jobs aswell

6) Hobbies:- Fishing.. doh!, Photography, Anything to do with animals, art and crafts. riding the motobikes down at the river. ummm anthing really lol as long as im having fun

7) How long have you been interested in Fishing:- Ive always liked to try. havnt really got anything major yet but ive gotten heaps of great advice from members here.. (Thanks Guys)..

8.) What got you interested:- its another outdoor activity lol.. me and my cuzins girlfriend were sitting bord at home one day and just decided to go fishing :grin: Who new you could have so much fun and still not catch anything :oops: i think our hooks may have been a few sizes to big but we had fun feeding the lil fish :lol:

9) What aspect of fishing interests you:- Just being at the beach.. not having a worry in the world. and just seeing every1s big smiles when they pulling in there fish..

10) What is it that you like about this forum:- I can ask what i think might be the most dum questions and i get real good advice. ohh i just love every1 here. wish i could go fishing with the whole lot of you!! :grin: :grin: :wink: