Re: Who are you guys??


1) :) NAME : Andy / AJ

2) AGE : 40sumthing

3) LIVE IN : Waimate BORN IN : Christchurch

4)Resident : yep yep…..cept a couple of years in Oz

5)Crust : very crusty

6) Hobbies : aviation , photography, steam , petrol head

7) How long interested in fishing. My Dad plonked a spinning rig in my hands up at Lake Pearson back in 1969. Last year I was running an RP2 and tieing myown hair n coppers. Fresh water sharks rock. However, the price of a liscense and petrol and ” things ” for a fishing trip leave me sadly UN impressed. WHERE IS MY SURFCASTER ?

8 ) Wot Got Me Started . My Dad . Me . Keith Bond ( originator of the Bonds Triple B )

9) Wot Do I Like : Stalking Brownies ! The laying of Cunning Traps and Ambushes. But REALLY ???? I go fishing for the scenery I tell ya ! Y’see…..Brownies can read your mind, and if they catch a HINT that some womble is up there with a rod n reel, then I catch ZIP. If I am sightseeing, the Brownies think its perfectly safe… they come out to browse, shop , play etc. Rainbows are just beserk and I love em.

10) Wot I Like About This Forum . It will help me ! It has some sage advice , and heaps of experiance. I can find out darn near ALL I need to start hooking in to red / blue cod , rig and ellyfint fisch. Great forum.

Cheers. Andy 8)