Re: Who are you guys??


1) Whats your real name:- Simon (Married)

2) How old are you:- 26

3) Which city are you from:- Blenheim

4) Are you a resident in NZ:- Born and bred in and around Marlborough

5) What do you do for a crust:- Vineyard Manager

6) Hobbies:- Pig hunting at every opportunity and beach fishing when weather and time permits

7) How long have you been interested in Fishing:- Since a young fella being able to hold a rod on the old mans boat

8.) What got you interested:- Bred into by the old man taking me on his bot down the sounds since i was a nipper

9) What aspect of fishing interests you:- Not knowing what you are reeling in or fighting on the end of the nylon intil you beach it and also the rush when the rod gets bent over, double at times and the reel is screaming (doesnt happen often so makes it exciting when it does)

10) What is it that you like about this forum:- The aspect of south island orientated namely fishing the east coast and enjoy catching fish other than snapper.

I to figured it was time to fill this in to give a few details of the misterious!!!