Re: Who are you guys??


Hi everyone, have been browsing the forums a bit lately and what beeter way to introduce myself than this :)

1) Whats your real name:- Evan

2) How old are you:- 20

3) Which city are you from:- Christchurch

4) Are you a resident in NZ:- Born and raised Nelson, moved to Chch at age 11

5) What do you do for a crust:- Apprentice Builder at the Arts Center in Chch, but do a bit of every other trade there as well

6) Hobbies:- Fishing.. doh!, Computers, 4wding, whitebaiting, camping

7) How long have you been interested in Fishing:- Since I was a kid, Dad used to take me fishing off the wharf in nelson

8.) What got you interested:- As above, watching Gone Fishing, and reading fishing books.

9) What aspect of fishing interests you:- The stress free relaxation and catching the odd fish (read – I don’t catch a hellova lot)

10) What is it that you like about this forum:- Its local! I used to read/post on but found it was all about northern boats, snapper and huge kingies!