Re: Who are you guys??

Fishy Bishy

I have been known as Fishy Bishy since about 1979 and pretty well known round the fishing fraternity.

1) Whats your real name:- Lyndsey Bishop

2) How old are you:- 54

3) Which city are you from:- Christchurch

4) Are you a resident in NZ:- Born and raised ChCh, currently (temporarily) living in Levin for business reasons.

5) What do you do for a crust:- My wife Jean and I manufacture and wholesale fishing tackle, mostly flasher rigs under the HotShotz brand.

6) Hobbies:- Fishing obviously, boating, hunting 12g and smallbore, motorsport from the couch…. :wink:

7) How long have you been interested in Fishing:- Forever since I caught my first fish in Bay of Many Coves when I wuz but a wee fulla.

8.) What got you interested:- More like who, my Dad of course.

9) What aspect of fishing interests you:- The peace, solitude, rewards lying in the fishbin etc etc.

10) What is it that you like about this forum:- The membership is non judgmental and easy going and keeps crap outa the subject. Unlike many other forums that are run with mafia-like moderators who encourage banter. Must be a South Island thing I reckon.

[b:a8zuzjc7]AND 11! [/b:a8zuzjc7]What would I most like to do regard my fishing interest: Head back to Canterbury and live bait for Trout with the legendary Danny Hofmeester again, unless it has been made illegal now?? (his claim to fame, 29lb Rainbow and 30lb Brown from the Tekapo Canals on 6lb line!!) Yeah! PLUS go wet a line in Macintoshes again for old times sakes, especially with Yellowfin. Waddya say Allan, you up for it?