Re: whitebaiting


I was told that someone filled a 10L bucket with whitebait over a single tide at one of the river i visited over the weekend. That was not bad.

The above is the most expensive and top end net they had on their website. Decided if I was going to spend hours sitting around doing nothing to buy the best gear that way I can not blame the equipment when I catch nothing. The price difference between them is not much. The net is only the price of a decent Reel and it should last 20 years and probably has a better chance of paying for itself then the rest of my fishing gear. I think it is worth the extra to get a net with English Ulston mesh, recently replaced my current scoop net mesh with generic (or Kiwi Mesh, Nascan Mesh or something) and the increase in drag is significant.

Would check a couple of stores in Blenheim to see what they have in stock, although I beleive the local H&F have put their white-baiting stock back into storage.