Re: whitebaiting 2011


i have been fishing the kaiapoi for the last 7 days and theres a hell of alot of bullsh*t going round i have been fishing a channel where the bait MUST go through up the kaiapoi and to be honest theres nothing at all in the river just a small feeds a day thats about it i bearly missed any shauls didnt see any big shauls only small ones my biggest day was about half lb and im not the only one saying this about the 20 to 30 people i no and bait with and half of them are out every day of the season say it must be one of the worst seasons in years BUT i have a few mates catching bait at the mouth of mak big catches so i went up mak between bridges and had a look today 4 and quater lb today was wicked heaps of bait going straight up the mak