Re: whitebaiting 2011


Was talking to a gu the other day about the increase numbers of bait in the Waimac , picking the closed season was the cause ..he tended to think it was more the fact the ground had dropped , so the bait had more vegetation around the rivers to lay eggs ….I didnt argue , but I’d think the increase by the drop would be offset by the loss of vegetation lost , being some sunk under the high tide level …..
Anyways , there was an interesting article the other day about the state of the avon and heathcote rivers , and silt has clogged them , and destroyed breeding grounds for fish …seeing as whitebait lay their eggs above the average high tide level , I dont think they will be effected terribly … fact the opposite might be true ……take all the predators from the waterways …close the season for 2 years , and OMG ….what are we instore for next year ? or the year after if the shit keeps getting pumped into the rivers for another year …….
Also wondering if the young bait they leave the river actually return to the same river …or do they chase the nearest fresh water they come across ….with a few good southerlies , the bait from the avon may well go heading up the waimac ….. this could be said about waimac bait heading up the ashley …..
Anyone heard any goss about the ashley ?? ….or has it been kept quiet for a reason ??? …….. I did notice a few of the hardcore ashley boys who have been fishing the waimac the last few years are absent this year …..