Lots of driving and scouting today, rather then baiting I decided to check out different parts of the river to see whats up.

First checked out the middle Opawa, plenty of weed and someone already had the best spot. Then moved to where the main river meets the tidal section, only two others there. Saw no bait, went trout fishing, saw 1 trout. Then I drove to the diversion mouth, a few were being caught there. Next over to the Bar, short ky fish and chat with a few people I know there. They been having it tough over there to.

Drove home for lunch.

After lunch back to Bar, just missed a school of big KY, bit of baiting but blanked. Back upriver, saw nothing, back to Opawa saw nothing. Checked the Taylor out in town, saw no bait but caught a nice trout, hooked 3 and saw about 30. Then up to the Taylor dam to photograph a few birds and fish.