August 15, 2012, 7:22 am

A warning for Christchurch whitebait lovers – get your fix from elsewhere.

A health warning’s been issued for some waterways in the city as the risk of contracting Giardia is high.

Medical officer of health, Dr Alistair Humphrey says eggs from the disease live in silt, and because of the earthquakes the risk for this season is high.

“We all like our whitebait patties, but unfortunately we don’t want to have whitebait from the Heathcote or Avon rivers because they’re contaminated at the moment, they’re likely to be contaminated for some time.”

Mr Humphrey says it’s an illness no-one wants.

“If you get Giardia you’re very sick for quite a few months, basically your symptoms are explosive, bloody, diarrhoea.