Re: where to go


If you head a bit further back towards the hurunui mouth there is manuka bay. I’ve caught blue cod and mullet there from the beach. You could try there. Or of course nape nape over the south side of hurunui mouth.
I’ve never had alot of success at either of those places but they’re options.

There is tumbledown bay/te oka bay on the south side of the peninsula..
Although most of the peninsula bays require a hike along the rocks to get out the far point of the bay.
I’ve had alright results inside akaroa harbour as well. Over wainui side. If you drive out towards the heads you can climb down through paddocks to the beach. or even at the salmon farm over there you can walk down.. pretty steep and a bit of a walk.. but alot of fish used to hang around the farm and we used to get alot of cod there.
A mate also fishes off one of the akaroa heads. I’ve never been but he said you drive to the head and there is a track down. You drive through akaroa and head towards flea bay to get there.