Re: What weapon do you use to slay salmon ?


Currently using a 7ft shimano backbone elite weight 4-8 kg with Abu 6500 as my main river rod. The backbone is good with a fish on but doesn’t cast as far as some of the longer rods. Put 30lb Berley whiplash on this year and use a fluorocarbon shock leader ~ 3m with double overhead knot to double the braid and then uni-knot to the 20lb fluoro superglue the braid to tidy up, finally full blood knot at the the lure. I find if I don’t double the braid it cuts through the fluoro or mono leader and the the line always breaks there. If you check out some of the bass sites they recommending doubling the line with braid to fluoro joins as it doubles the knot strength. Rig is really strong now have pulled out willow roots with it.

My wife’s rod, which I borrow quite a bit as can cast a bit further with at the rocks, etc is a Jarvis Walker Ultragraph 702 SBM wt 3-7kg with eggbeater JW Ceratec CT3 3000. My wife outcasts a lot of the guys down the beach with it which always raises a few eyebrows. Especially when you say it only cost $100. Fantastic value and I really like using it. Hassle free fishing.

Surf setup is a Kilwell Enticer LMS with ABU7000 25lb 0.4mm mono.

With the braid I find that in order to stop getting wind knots I take a soft cloth with some shoe dubbin and wipe it on the first cast. This replicates the original waxes the braid has on it and fixes a lot of problems. When I went to the Rakaia with braid on the Abu I found I could pull most of the birds nests out and unlike mono it doesn’t have a memory so is good from that point of view. Braid comes up trumps in terms of feel, better lure action (less stretch), distance strikes (less stretch), fit more on a reel. Most of the problems with braid are eliminated with shock leader, line maintenance and doubling at the leader knot. Chaps at the tackle shop were recommending higher weight braid for surfcasting 50lb but more for bigger diameter, better wear characteristics on the stones, etc.