Re: What weapon do you use to slay salmon ?


i have found braid on spinning reel for me has two problems, 1 its a cow to untangle. 2 when casting into the wind i found it shortened my cast distance as the wind seemed to catch it ballon it out much more than nylon. on the other hand one you cannot seem to get -spiderwire fusion i use on a light spinning rod with a small float that also acts as an indicator when fishing with nymphs and dryfly etc is good as it floats and you can mend it like a flyline. my salmon rod is a fenwick hmg with a tica tarus reel. these reels (i have 4) have lasted me for 4 seasons before that i would go through a reel a season. i use suffix senergy mono 14lb .30mm in the river and 19lb .35mm in the surf. i have a custom built tricast 12ft.rod and use a dam low stem spinniing reel and have a measured cast on average 88-90metres with a 56gm ticer. i use spinning reels because of a neck injury that affects the nerves in my hands. but i guess the best gear to use is what you are most comfortable with and can use all day without completely wearing youself out.