Re: What weapon do you use to slay salmon ?


I tried my hand at salmon fishing for the first time last season, I was using a 8’6 Tica Red Back Rod,line rated to 8kg and a Abu 6500c3 loaded with 18lb mono Berkley Trilene. Caught 5 salmon on this set up and was stoked with it.

This season I decided to up grade to a Gloomis GL3 8’6 line rated to 17lb and a Shamano Calcutta 400B reel loaded with 30lb Berkley Fireline Braid. Landed my 1st and biggest salmon on this set up for this season and it handled it like a dream (22lb) and landed another up river (13lb).

It’s hard to say what I found was better out of mono and braid being that I’m new at this, but what I found with mono I had to strike hard to set the hook, I lost a fish for not doing so.
With braid tho I can feel every little bump as I’m feeling more connected to my lure due to no stretch, I didn’t strike that hard either letting the fast action tip of my rod to do the work, but yea it’s interesting to read other people’s feed back on this topic