Re: What weapon do you use to slay salmon ?


Kevo, you have bigger kahunas than me fishing with the TXS and Citica with 10lb line ! I used 15lb no-name mono last season and landed a fish but have gone to 20lb Cajun Red line this year. It is incredibly strong and seems to have very little memory. I think I’ll be using it for a while since I now have a 4500m spool of it !

Hi Gunnercoops, I find light braid a pain in the arse with wind knots. I use it for soft baiting but always with a decent mono leader of similar breaking strain. The fact it has no stretch can be the difference between landing a lip hooked fish and loosing it I reckon. Probably worse than fishing with too much drag. I learnt that lesson in the surf at the Orari last week with the hook pulling from a good fish at my feet. My mate told me at the time to back off but being a skull dragger from wayback I didn’t listen. A lesson learnt the hard way is a lesson remembered :???: !