Re: What weapon do you use to slay salmon ?


I use braid for salmon fishing and love it. Im sure i hook more fish because of it.

Biggest thing is fishing longer, softer, quicker action rods and lighter drags and soft hands.

we all know there is almost no strech with braid (only up to 4%) so you will get instant hook sets on those “soft takes” you would most not even feel with mono and you can feel every little bump so you know when your lures is working and not working. More and more people are starting to use braid for salmon fishing and some of the older salmon fishermen are the most hard to convert. i know a few chainging.

Im not saying its for everyone but people looking for an advantage might want to give it a try.

One of the hardest thing is getting use to fighing fish on braid. its a very brutal fight and you feel every thing the fish is doing.

I use a long 15lb fluro carbon leader (8-9ft) mainly for the abrasion restance on stones and also to add a “shock leader”. Braid has shocking abrasion restance. Check your joining knots and cut off worn braid same as you would with mono.

My rod at the moment is Mexican Fire 8’6″

and Reel is a shimano Curado 200 DHSV spooled with 20lb braid

up river in smaller water i will change to a shorter rod 7′ Backbone 4-8kg or Shimano Akrab 7′ 8-14lb

Its funny fishing the river mouth with such a small reel some of the looks and comments i get, are you fishing for trout.? but casting twice as far as other people soon gets a few looks aswell.