Re: What the HELL at the pier


If it’s the same guy I’m thinking of I’d be carefull what I say to him. He’s always threatening people and walks around with his knife in his hand trying to look tough, I’m pretty sure there was an incident last year on the Pier that he was involved in using that same knife and the police were called. It’s racist to say it’s only the asians causing the problems, although most of them still overhead cast most of the time, other people there do the same thing, and it’s usually the people new to fishing that go up there and fish right in the middle of the no fishing zone. If there’s no one around I’ll overhead cast if needed, but most of the time you can get the same distance with an under cast.

Apparently one of the Asians got caught with heaps of crabs on Thursday and got all his gear including his car taken away and tresspassed.