Re: What fish been caught at Birdlings flat latley??


Speaking of which , I senta txt to 3 different numbers “50/50 chance I’d remembered the right cell phone #” this morning to a slapper Id taken fishing a while back , offering to take her fishing , sleeping in the back of the truck , and fishing the morning before heading home …..wasnt planning on much fishing being done lol …..
I only got 1 reply …turns out even my 50/50 was wrong , both were to wrong numbers …..but I got a reply from 1 of them , wanted to know who I was , but didnt seem against the idea ….I ignored it ….
A few hours later some chick called Jen rung me , she wanted to go fishing lmao …she was keen on the idea of sleeping in the back of some random strangers truck ……sheesh , shame she lived somewhere in Central Otago ….lol ….. might head south for a Christmas fish lol