Re: What breaking strain line for searuns ?


Well I went to the Waimak again last night for a look. The river was just starting to come up and had a bit of colour so hooking up was a little harder. I fished with the 7lb line until I lost a couple of lures and then changed to my wifes reel which is loaded with braid, probably about 30lb. I fished the main flow for a while with no luck then moved down a bit where a small braid joins the main flow. I have been told about a brown estimated to be 18lb which lives in this spot so thought it was worth a look. First cast I hooked what seemed to be a reasonable fish until it realised it was hooked and went nuts. It went down river and I could stop it if I put the brakes on but couldn’t get any line back. After 15 minutes of losing more line than I was getting back the hook pulled. Had it not been dark I would have waded through the braid to my left and tried to chase it but was quite muddy and I started to sink in so had to stay put. I saw the fish a number of times in the darkness and it would have gone an easy 15lb but I couldn’t get it close enough to see what it was, maybe a salmon, maybe the brownie I was told of ? It fought like a salmon but I hope its a brown and it is there next time I get a chance at it.