Re: we all feel for you


That “fault line” goes thru the edge of their house , up the drive and thru the garage ….rooting everything …… continues thru other houses , across Pembroke St , thru more houses and then thru my mates place ……its split in half …mind blowing to see …he walked me thru it
He had recently added 2 br’s and garage behind the old house , linked by a conservatory
The conservatory was destroyed ……the garage and house moved 6 inches towards the river ..garage dropped 8 inches into the ground at one end
house split in half with the front continuing to sink lower into the ground ….even the fence got ripped into 4-5 sections
The crack continued on thru 5 more properties he said …
Every house over that line will be rooted ….

The house directly behind that one on TV would be ok , the crack would have just tickled the very corner of the property …
You still in CHCH ru ?