Re: Wanaka help


At the outlet to lake wanaka [where the Clutha river leave lake wanaka, the local fishing stores will tell you where it is if you don’t know]
is a good place to fish i stood on the edge of the river looking down into the gully which runs down the middle and saw about 8-9 wee troutlets swimming around eating bullies.

Later that evening i caught a 4lb rainbow trout which was in good condition.
Great place to take the kids, with a small beach nearby, and if the kids are old enough there is a bike track all the way there.
But if thats not your cup of tea then there is also a road to the beach aswell.

The trout i caught was caught on a yellow tazmanien devil with black spots and a red stripe on it, just on dark [which was what the local fishing store recomended]

Hope this helped :)

I have been fishing further round the other side of the lake but found sand flies a problem [none of these at the outlet]