[b:2gg7a0cs]Fishing Licence Not Needed For Kahawai Spinning[/b:2gg7a0cs]
I rang Fish & Game today and asked the question, “Do I need a fishing licence to spin for kahawai at the mouth of the Waimakariri River.” I was told NO YOU DON’T NEED A FISHING LICENCE to spin for kahawai at a river mouth. But if you catch a trout or salmon without a licence you must release it unharmed back into the water. If you landed and kept a salmon or trout without a licence you would be in big trouble should a ranger catch you.
There is considerable confusion around the subject of kahawai spinning at river mouths. You will also get a wide variety of different answers from the local Christchurch fishing tackle and sports stores – which adds still more to the confusion. It really comes down to what the Fish & Game ranger believes you are doing. If you are winding slowly in a line of salmon anglers then it sure looks like you are salmon fishing. Whereas if you are down in the surf winding fast with others fishing for kahawai then you are OK.